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An OFFICIAL GAME PROTEST must meet all the criteria of SAY Rule 9 PROTESTS (SAY rules may be found on this website). The FORMAL WRITTEN GAME PROTEST referenced in Rule 9.3.D must be made using this Protest form. A protest may also submitted to a protest for a game disciplinary action (i.e. additional game(s) suspension for a card(s)), or non game disciplinary action (i.e. an ethics violation) using this form, by midnight of the following day of the action protested All Protest shall include the following information; the date, time, and place of the incident, all teams and or individuals involved by name if known and/or by position and details of the original action. TO COMPLETE THIS PROTEST A CREDIT CARD OR PAYPAL payment of $50 must be received by Bay Lakes. This same form may be used to Appeal a protest. An appeal must be received by midnight the day following notification of the results of a protest. TO APPEAL an additional credit card or PayPal payment of $50 must be received by Bay Lakes.
This is a form to send a comment or concern. The feedback will be used to help improve our program.comment are limited to 244 charterers. If you need more space submit a 2nd comment form
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     AUGUST 1-2 2015       
  2014 Tournament Results
U14 boys: 1st GB West-Maroon
                   2nd GBE Gandrud-Royal
U16 boys: 1st Pulaski Gemini Plastics-Orange
                   2nd GBE Gandrud-Indigo
U19 boys: 1st GBE Gandrud-Orange
                   2nd GB West-Green
U15 girls:1st GBE Gandrud 1-Orange
                 2nd GBE Gandrud 10-Lemon
U19 girls: 1st DePere-Lime
                  2nd DePere-Teal

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